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In September 2018, we held our third event to bring our growing community together to discuss the barriers to flexible working and identify accelerators to adoption. At our previous events, we debated how you can embrace flexibility and empower individuals (see event summaries). This time, we wanted to explore the technology, the supporting infrastructure and the legalities that come together to enable flexible working.


We were joined by thought-leaders from The Hoxby Collective, The Dots, Emplaw, Microsoft, Ella's Kitchen and Indeed.com who shared their insights on how to enable agility within organisations and create a place where flexible working can thrive.

As well as our panel discussion, we also invited our attendees to join one of 4 breakout rooms:

Breakout 1: Super Agile Structures

Andy Williams from The Hoxby Collective, an award-winning workforce of more than 450 exceptionally talented people working remotely across 29 countries, shared with us their revolutionary model of work that enables people to have ultimate flexibility in how they work, while operating with unprecedented agility for their clients. 

Breakout 2: The Legal 101

Claire Perry, Legal Director of Emplaw and previously Head of Employment Policy and Freelance Legal Affairs for the BBC, shared straight-forward, accessible advice on how to navigate legal considerations to break down barriers to the adoption of flexible work practices.

Breakout 3: The Flexible Pipeline

Daniel Fellows, Marketing, Data and Insights Hero at Indeed.com, shared what Indeed are learning about flexible working from candidates and employers and what changes we can make to improve the flexible pipeline.

Breakout 4: The Modern Workplace

Irina Parsina, Customer Success Manager at Microsoft, shared how collaboration-enhancing technologies can meet the needs of flexible working, empowering individuals and teams to achieve results, and support the evolution of how we work.


The evening concluded with attendees reflecting on the one Accelerator they were taking away, with 4 key themes emerging:


You can download the full report from the evening here, which documents all of the accelerators shared by our community.

We are currently reviewing how we continue to grow our community and keep the way that we engage and share insights fresh and interesting for our audience. We'll be in touch soon with our plan and hope that you will continue to join us on our mission to accelerate the adoption of flexible working.

Thank you for being part of The New Work,

Helen, Heleana & Michelle

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